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Instructor Training

Instructor Training
Ref. L1-L2
Mat Level 1 - 2

Foundational Mat Course 

This course offers an exceptional and thorough basis for becoming a successful Pilates teacher. Learn fundamental Mat repertoire while gaining knowledge and experience in the basics of postural analysis, functional anatomy, programming, cueing and communication.

A combined virtual (live) and in studio practical education, Centred Pilates is partner with Pilates Process head studio in Toronto.  Learn from some of Canada's best instructor trainers.


Significant practice and review of exercises and personal practice are required between sessions.

For more details and to register go to

Centred Pilates Studio
5657 Malim Road
Vernon, B.C. V1B 3J8

Centred Pilates...

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follows the Pilates Process™ method and offers their instructor training for Mat and Reformer as well as workshops for Cadillac, Chair and Teaching Therapeutic Pilates. 

Pilates Process™ training teaches instructors how to program for individual clients and for group settings.  Pilates focused anatomy, exercises and variations, along with practice teaching sessions make our education stand out.


When training instructors, they become our clients and are given the same focus and attention that our Pilates clients receive.​

Some methods are focused on the perfect execution of exercises and not on the individual performing the exercises.

Our instructors are trained to recognize where the client is starting from and program for them to develop more efficiency, greater stability, balanced power and improved posture.  Our instructors have a passion for what they do and their clients love their workouts. 

For a broader sense of the Pilates Process™ teaching approach, read Laura's current blog.

Key features of the Pilates Process™ training:

Small Class Sizes

We are detail oriented and limit class sizes to 12 students so that everyone gets the assistance they need. In fact, we add an assistant when the class is more than 8 students.

Commitment To Students

We really want you to understand the material, not just memorize it and we have developed creative, diverse methods of teaching to ensure just that.


Exceptional Teachers

We have extremely high standards for teacher trainers. All of our teachers have extensive experience and are passionate about Pilates, their teaching and their students.

Therapeutic Pilates

Understandably, not every fitness teacher wants to teach therapeutically. It is a reality however, that every teacher will come across clients with pain and injury whether they plan to or not. Our training is infused with our therapeutic knowledge so that you will feel prepared and confident when those situations arise. Furthermore, if you do want to pursue therapeutic teaching you will be very well prepared to do so.



Wanting to learn more?

Workshops are a great way to deepen your knowledge and are usually between 90 minutes and 3 hours.  We have workshops for clients and for instructor CEC's

Therapeutic Pilates

presented by Laura Helsel of Pilates Process

November 23rd, 10:30 - 12 and 1 - 2:30

Centred Pilates Vernon, B.C.


Join us for this highly practical workshop series designed to improve your therapeutic Pilates skills. Designed for experienced Pilates teachers, we will explore guidelines, learn therapeutic exercise series and effective techniques in order to develop a sense

of structure, progression and confidence when working with clients with chronic movement dysfunction.


Part 1: focus on lumbo-pelvic function.

Part 2: focus on shoulder girdle and neck region.

Laura Helsel Gauthier is the founder of Pilates Process in Toronto, a leading studio with a strong therapeutic focus for over 22 years.


Drawing on her extensive experience and close work with clinicians, Laura continues to help Pilates teachers eager to facilitate greater

positive change in their clients.


Laura is specifically focused on adapting clinical approaches to match the Pilates studio environment where a more holistic, integrative approach is often required.

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Franklin Method

Franklin Method

Activates body and mind function through the use of imagery, experiential anatomy and reconditioning movement to improve function. 


Sean is a Franklin Method® L1 Educator and presents FM workshops in the Okanagan and surrounding area.  


Franklin Method® teaches practical insights into embodiment of function, mechanical synchronization and movement excellence.  The concepts behind the Franklin Method® are highly science based and presented in a clear and experiential format. Students take away exercises and imagery to practice for continued improvement in physical experience and performance.


Workshops are presented throughout the year and will be posted here.


Email with enquiries about workshops with specific intention for athletic groups, dance schools and physical trainers.

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